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Protocel® a Next Generation Product

Protocel® may be new to you, because this “Technological Breakthrough” is relatively new to the marketplace. But the news of those that are finding positive health gains from its use is spreading rapidly. One of the reasons the news is spreading so fast is that it is a safe non-toxic based product that does not interfere with the immune response instead of
destroying it. Protocel® is sold by 

Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology:
Both Protocel® Formulas 23 and Formula 50 are based on “Anaerobic
Cellular Reduction Technology". Many have not heard the term "anaerobic" used before and do not know its meaning. Anaerobic, according to Webster's Contemporary Dictionary, page 25, is "A microorganism which flourishes without air (oxygen)".

Both Protocel® Formula 23 and Formula 50 create an interference in cellular energy that promotes anaerobic cell self-destruction. Here is how these formulas allow this to happen. Human energy is created in the cells of our body by microscopic structures called mitochondria. Mitochondria produce a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is in fact the fuel that drives the body. Each formula introduces modest interference in the production of ATP in the cell, which controls the amount of voltage each cell will generate. The presence of either formula deprives the cell of 15-20% of its voltage. This voltage drop does not in any way harm healthy cells, but, due to the lack of cellular voltage, the components of an anaerobic cell cannot remain cohesive, and the self-destruction process begins. 

It may best be illustrated in this way: Say you have a brick wall that has to be taken down and hauled away. You can send a number of strong men with sledgehammers to smash and break it down. After this, another crew, with a dump truck, is sent to pick up the debris and haul it away. Rather, suppose you could send just one man to spray the brick wall with a liquid substance that is not designed to directly dislodge any bricks, but the substance destabilizes
the cohesion of the mortar to a point where the mortar begins to disintegrate and bricks begin to fall. The whole wall topples with a slight push. Then, the demolition complete, the bricks can easily be hauled away by the cleanup crew.

Ingredients of both formulas:
Modified natural and synthetic compounds selected for their effects on the electrical processes in the cell. Distilled Water, Tetrahydroxyquinone, Rhodizonic Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Croconic Acid,Triquinoyl, Pyrocatchol (Anti-Oxidant), Leuconic Acid, Minerals and Trace Elements, Copper (trace). These ingredients, when processed, are very non-toxic. The recommended dosage a person takes daily is less toxic than taking one aspirin.

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